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Welcome to Hong's Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

Lunch Specials Appetizer, Soup House Specialties Sizzling Platter & Clay Pot
Seafood, Egg Foo Yung Chicken, Pork & Duck Beef, Rice & Noodle Vegetarian

Lunch Specials

Served with hot & sour soup, assorted appetizers, steamed rice or egg fried rice. (Substitute Chow Mein $1)
Side order with chicken salad $4.
1.  Chinese shredded chicken salad 16.50

Chicken breast mixed with cashew nuts, sesame seeds, crispy vermicelli, olive oil and fresh lettuce.

2.  Tofu with cashew nuts 17.50

Cubed Tofu sauteed with zucchinis, mushrooms, carrots with cashew nuts.

3.  Assorted vegetables deluxe 17.50

Mixture of vegetables stir fried in a delicious white sauce.

4.  Lemon chicken 17.95

Crunchy chicken breast glazed with house lemon sauce.

5.  Sweet & sour pork 17.95

Pork with bell peppers, onions, carrots & pineapples in sweet and sour sauce.

*6.  Shredded pork with spicy garlic sauce 17.95

Shredded pork sauteed with celery, mushrooms, and bell pepper in spicy garlic sauce.

*7.  Kung pao chicken 17.95

Diced chicken sauteed with zucchinis, bell peppers, onions and peanuts in a spicy sauce.

*8.  Sichuan chicken 17.95

Sliced breast meat battered & tossed with spicy Sichuan sauce.

9.  Chicken string bean with black bean Sauce 17.95

Fresh string bean and chicken breast sauteed with black bean sauce.

*10.  Mango chicken 17.95

Chicken breast sauteed with fresh mangos, green & yellow onions in a special spicy sauce.

11.  Beef with broccoli 19.50

Slices of chicken breast sauteed with broccoli & carrot stripes in our house white sauce.

*12.  Mongolian beef 19.50

Slices of tender beef sauteed with green & white onions and zucchinis in a zesty sauce.

*13.  Tangerine Beef 19.50

Lightly battered sliced beef sauteed with tangerine peels in a light spicy sauce.

14.  Prawn in black bean sauce 19.50

Prawns sauteed with green & red bell peppers, and onions in black bean sauce.

15.  Fish fillets with mixed vegetables 19.00

Fish fillets sauteed with mixed vegetables.

16.  Fish fillets with black pepper sauce 19.00

Fish fillets sauteed with bell peppers and onions in black pepper sauce.

17.  Chicken or Prawns with honey walnut 17.95 / 19.50

Lightly battered chicken / prawns tossed in light tart-sweet mustard mayonnaise with honey walnut.

18.  House special pan fried pork 18.50

Wok pan fried pork with chef's sauce.

*19.  House Basil Jumbo Prawn 21.00

Large size prawns sauteed with basil leek and chili pepper.

20.  Fillet mignon in Honey pepper 23.50

Fillet mignon prepare in cube size sauteed with Honey pepper.

* = Hot & spicy - can be altered according to your taste.
Lunch is only available from Monday to Friday 11 am - 2:30 pm excluding holiday


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