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Welcome to Hong's Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

Lunch Specials Appetizer, Soup House Specialties Sizzling Platter & Clay Pot
Seafood, Egg Foo Yung Chicken, Pork & Duck Beef, Rice & Noodle Vegetarian
Dinner Combination - Additional $ 8.00
Served with soup of the day or chicken salad, steamed rice (Brown rice $1 extra)

House Specialties
1.  Peking duck half 33.00 whole 59.00

Crispy skin & tender duck meat served with Chinese bun, and scallion slices.

* 2.  Sizzling sea bass in black pepper sauce 35.95

sea bass pan fried and served in a special black pepper sauce.

3.  House special double delight 35.95

General Tso's chicken on one side & prawns with honey walnuts on the other.

*4.  House special curry combo 23.95

Jumbo prawns, tender scallops & chicken sauteed with onions, bell peppers, pineapples & carrots in a spicy curry sauce

*5.  Salt & pepper soft shell crabs

Two soft shell crabs battered with a spicy flavor of salt and hot chill peppers.

Jumbo prawns, scallops & fish fillets stir fired with celery, baby corns, snow peas, mushrooms & carrot.s

6.  Sauteed jumbo prawns with pine nuts

Sauteed jumbo prawn with vegetable and pine nuts.

*7.  Tai chi tofu 29.95

One tofu entree served w/ two flavors. One sauteed with soft tofu & diced shrimps in a creamy white sauce; another sauteed with diced chicken and tofu in a spicy brown sauce.

*8.  Black pepper scallops 26.95

Golden battered scallops sauteed in our special black pepper sauce.

*9.  Emerald chili chicken 19.95

Sliced chicken in house chilies in sauce over crispy vegetables leaves.

10.  Steamed tofu w/ minced seafood 23.95

White tofu steamed on a lotus leaf with minced shrimps, scallops, peas & mushrooms.

11.  Braised Veggie in tofu skin rolls 18.95

Assorted veggie wrapped in tofu skin toss-cooked with brown sauce.

12.  Filet mignon in black pepper sauce

13.  Baked sea bass in honey pepper

14.  Steamed sole fish with ginger & scallion

15.  Pan fried jumbo Prawns

* = Hot & spicy - can be altered according to your taste.


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