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Welcome to Hong's Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

Lunch Specials Appetizer, Soup House Specialties Sizzling Platter & Clay Pot
Seafood, Egg Foo Yung Chicken, Pork & Duck Beef, Rice & Noodle Vegetarian
Dinner Combination - Additional $ 7.00
Served with soup of the day or chicken salad, steamed rice (Brown rice $1 extra)

1.  Steamed sea bass in black bean sauce 34.95

sea bass served in black bean sauce

2.  Prawns with cashew nuts 20.95

Jumbo prawns sauteed with zucchinis, mushrooms, green peas and carrots with cashew nuts.

3.  Prawn in black bean sauce 20.95

Jumbo prawns sauteed with green & red bell peppers, onions in black bean sauce.

4.  Sweet & sour prawns 20.95

Prawns with bell peppers, onions, carrot s and pineapple.

5.  Prawn with lobster sauce 20.95

Prawns in an enriched sauce with sliced mushroom, water chestnut, green peas & carrots.

6.  Prawn with snow peas 20.95

Prawns with snow peas, and water chestnuts in a white sauce.

*7.  Five flavors prawns 20.95

Golden battered prawns smothered in homemade delicate sauce.

8.  Prawns with honey walnuts 20.95

Lightly battered prawns tossed in light tart-sweet mustard mayonnaise with honey walnuts.

9.  Prawns & scallops with mixed vegetables 21.95

Jumbo prawns & tender scallop sauteed with mixed vegetables.

*10.  Salt & pepper prawns or fish fillet

Prawns or fish fillet baked with a spicy flavor of salt and hot chili peppers.

*11.  Kung pao prawns or scallops 20.95 / 24.95

Prawns or scallops sauteed with zucchinis, bell peppers & onions in a spicy sauce with peanuts.

*12.  Fish fillet with spicy garlic sauce 19.95

Fish fillets sauteed with assorted veggies in spicy garlic sauce.

13.  Sauteed fish fillet 19.95

Sliced fish sauteed with snow peas, mushrooms, carrots, baby corn & celery in light sauce.

*14.  House basil jumbo prawn

Large size prawns sauteed with basil leek and chili pepper.

*15.  Szechuan fish fillet 19.95

Golden battered fish fillets in spicy Szechwan sauce.

Egg Foo Yung
  Egg foo yung - Select one of the following 17.50

1.  Choice of B.B.Q. pork , Chicken or Vegetable

2.  Shrimp ( $1.50 extra )

* = Hot & spicy - can be altered according to your taste.


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